Hiking Ridomo Gorge

Hiking Ridomo Gorge

Ridomo gorge, starts from the heart of Taygetos and extends 25 km leading to the beach of Santοva 10 minutes from the city of Kalamata. 

The path that we have chosen to visit is part of the villages of Gaitses to Pigadia. We take the way back to the same place from the top of the gorge. That way we can cross undoubtedly the most beautiful piece the canyon from the bottom, but also to admire the panorama on the way back.

The gorge is a real geological phenomenon. Throughout its length is very easy to observe the uniqueness of its morphology, as well as the unique aesthetic value and practicality of its cobbled roads.

The end of our tour finds us in the traditional village cafe where we started, drinking Greek coffee or having snack.

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