Who We Are


I was born in Northern Germany and from an early age I felt the strong desire to get to know the places of the world. Luckily some of my teachers in high school were very dedicated to global exchange programs and understanding, so I got the chance to participate in these volunteer projects and to be hosted by families in South Africa and Chile.

After finishing High school I travelled and volunteered in Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia. These experiences made me understand the importance of getting in touch with locals and how enriching it can be for everyone to share knowledge and moments.

Always passionate about creation I decided to move to Barcelona, Spain, to study Fine Arts. Living in one of the most touristic places in Europe and observing the effect that mass tourism can have on the local community, I became interested in the idea of promoting alternative ways of tourism, keeping in mind the benefits that it could have as much for the visitors as for the locals.

P.S: I love cats 😻🐱😽


I grew up in the historic city of Sparta but I don’t have a six-pack 🙂 . A long time ago I studied economics and that helped me understand that numbers are not the important thing in life but the meaning you give to them.

Once I realized that, I did a U-turn and graduated from University of Barcelona with a Masters degree in Art Therapy. During a voluntary service in Kenya I met Inga and with the time we decided to do something that combines our expertise and desires. Facilitate people with activities and experiences that helps them to rediscover themselves by using their own natural potential of creativity.

We are all part of a bigger context and the more we get to know other people/cultures/traditions, the more we participate in our own transformation.

P.S: I love cats 😽😻🐾🐾

Local Moods

Is the result of  2 people (and many 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈) getting together and wanted to re-shape their life and participate in the change of the society. Having as priority the values of  integration, interaction, respect, curiosity, tranquility…

After living abroad for many years and meeting different people and cultures we decided to try to offer these kind of experiences in the region of Peloponnese and to be part of the crucial moments that Greece  and its people live, by trying to promote and transmit the traditions and handcrafts of this historic region of Greece.

Untouched landscapes, a rich heritage of endemic plants and herbs, a wide range of traditional arts and crafts and the incomparable quality of local products make us strongly believe that the region of Peloponnese is the perfect destination to experience a more personal way of travelling.


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