MOSAIC – get your pieces together and create something wonderful

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All about the MOSAIC – get your pieces together and create something wonderful.

In this 3 hour mosaic workshop you will obtain a basic knowledge of mosaic making. You will create a personal mosaic of your own, which will be made within the allotted time and become your very unique personal souvenir.

The direct method will be used with no grout which will enable the participants to finish their pieces on the same day. You will learn how to construct a substrate (base) to place the tessera (stone) on. There will be a variety of Greek and Roman geometric patterns to choose from or you can design your own pattern.

Everything discussed and demonstrated in the workshop will be written for each participant. Time permitted, I will demonstrate other mosaic techniques and offer a quick review into the history of mosaics.




My name is Dimitra and I am a self-taught mosaic artist. Originally from Toronto Canada, I am currently living in a small village outside of the lovely city of read more…

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