VISIT – A Berry Farm up on Parnonas Mountain


All about the VISIT – A Berry Farm up on Parnonas Mountain.

Collect with your own two hands directly from our organic field on the mount Parnonas and experience a unique “rural” experience, ideal for families and for every person that wants to have closer contact with the beautiful nature.

Instead of getting your fruits and herbs from store shelves it’s time to pick them personally directly from the field.¬† We will be glad to show you around, explain our initiative and share with you the history of the farm and the secrets of these rich and unique fruits and herbs as well the many different ways of applying them in gastronomy.

At the end of the visit, we want you to feel that you have gained a unique experience, that you had the opportunity to understand the farm’s atmosphere, and that our products will accompany you once you return back home.

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