Our Mission & Vision

Sharing knowledge

We strongly believe that the best way to really get to know a place is through the interaction with the people that lives there. For us, to travel means not only relaxing at the beach, but also learning and growing personallyResponsible travel  implies to treat the place with respect, understanding that it´s a home before being a touristic destination It is our mission to bring people together in order to share knowledge, get first hand insider tips and overall to make new friends. In our workshops you can explore and experience your creative potential with the guidance of well selected local collaborators, our partners and your hosts.

Reinforcing local economy

Our mission is to facilitate and extrovert the offers of local collaborators. We believe that supporting the local economy is, especially in times like these, the base of a sustainable and responsible travel industry. We assure you, that your money stays in the local economy and will help small and medium sized businesses to strengthen their position.

Environmental Consciousness

Protecting our planet will be one of the biggest tasks for our generation and for future ones also. We want to be part of this by raising consciousness about our impact on the environment. That’s why we offer only outdoor activities that are eco-friendly, e.g. like hiking or horse-back riding, rather than non-environmental activities (e.g. Jet skiing, Yachting, 4×4 exploration etc.). We also make suggestions as to how you can compensate the C02 emissions of your flight, donating to climate protection projects.