My name is Stathis and I am participating in outdoor activities for many years. Because of my professional occupation I spend a lot of time in closed rooms and offices, so this has prompted me to find a way out to nature.

Since I remember myself I was a enjoying nature and I was interested in exploring and learning as much as I can from nature and the endless possibilities that Pachamama offers us.

I started out as a climber, studied wild herbs, engaged in beekeeping and plant cultivation but what I love more than everything (except my family) is  the magical world of wild mushrooms. I am member of ‘Greek Mushroom Society‘ and I have attended dozens of seminars. Now I am able to identify over 250 kinds of mushrooms!

Several photos of mine have been published in many mushroom magazines as well as some first records of many fungi in Greece and that is something that makes me proud! Come and enjoy the wonderful nature of Taygetos and get amazed by the world of fungi and herbs!!!

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