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Hello, my name is Dionisos and I am a graphic designer, chef and truffle hunter, among other occupations and activities that I enjoy. I was born and raised in Italy in a small village called Venafro in Molise where, as a child, I went mushroom picking with my grandfather and savored the perfect Mediterranean cuisine of my grandmother.

My love for nature, the mountains, hiking and cooking and my Greek half origin has led me to mountainous Arcadia where I have been living for the past year with my family.

I have been trained as a truffle hunter and I have attended many activities and seminars involving mushroom picking. My passion for these activities helps me stay informed, as I constantly study books, follow expertised groups and discuss with professional mushroom and truffle hunters.

Hiking is my everyday reality, nature is my second home and cooking my passion and profession. I would like to share all these with you, in a journey through the beautiful trails of Menalon in Arcadia.

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