My name is Dimitra and I am a self-taught mosaic artist. Originally from Toronto Canada, I am currently living in a small village outside of the lovely city of Sparta, in Peloponnese Greece.

I came to Greece to simplify my life and live close to nature. My inspiration for my mosaic art comes from my everyday surroundings: mountains, sun, sea and the rich culture this country has to offer. I began my career as a mosaic artist in my home where I created my first art pieces.

Since 2007, I have been exhibiting my work in various cities throughout Greece. I love traveling around the country and at the fantastic Greek islands, which is why many of my mosaics have been inspired by the Greek countryside, people and daily life.

Each mosaic piece that I create is completely unique, no two are the same. My art is actually contemporary mosaic art. The individual sections of glass are cut by hand and puzzled together piece by piece, glued and grouted. Hundreds of pieces of glass in various sizes and shapes are puzzled together to form an intricate design that can be used as a decorative item or simply worn.

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