Messinia on the south west part of Peloponnese has so many different beauties! The scenic citadels, the traditional villages, the exotic beaches, the green nature, the mountains, the rivers, the lakes, the canyons and the rare ecosystems are all there, open to visitors who are willing to discover them.

During your visit there, do not let the dream beaches and the summer beauties absorb you. It is worth a walk in the heart of Messinia, in the gorges of Taygetos, in the running waters, in virgin and pure places that will give you this little more, but enough to tell the experience of the "wonders of the Messinian land" for the rest of your life.

Messinia is enough to convince you that there are still places that look like paradise. With a starting point in Kalamata, a beautiful seaside town, you can follow so many routes that even if you had plenty of time, this would never be enough.

what to do in Messinia

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