Laconia is the southernmost prefecture of mainland Greece and of course continental Europe. It is rightly considered an excellent tourist destination thanks to the morphology of the land, combining mountain and sea, and on the other hand its rich history, preserving findings from prehistoric times and cultural monuments from antiquity to the present day. Ancient temples and theaters, monasteries, castles, caves, enchanting beaches are just some of the attractions of Laconia that seduce and provoke even the most skeptical visitor.

Laconia is history, it is honored land, and it is mountains, lowlands and sea together. Laconia is people, is virtues and is beauties; the historic aura that diffuses into the atmosphere is soothing and sensational, creating the impression of a vast museum with a multitude of monuments from the ancient, Byzantine and modern times. It’s all you want to live at least once in your life. It's the paradise that you should not miss...
The legendary Sparta, Mystras and its imperial grandeur, Monemvasia with its Castle, the God of Gods of Gythio, the emerald challenge Elafonisos, the wild beauty of Laconian Mani, the last mainland of Europe in Neapoli, the fertile valley of Evrotas , the picturesque villages of Taygetos and Parnonas and the Greek fjord in Gerakas  are just some of the stations on a journey that you will never want to finish.

Photo by: Georgios Kapsas


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