The region of Corinthia is definitely a place to spend wonderful holidays in winter or summer, to discover a place of Greek history, and to taste excellent hospitality. High mountains, tranquil creeks, green meadows and ancient myths wander around you. Small villages with clean beaches, archaeological sites and citadels, areas of amazing beauty are just few of the elements that the beautiful and historic region of Corinthia offers.

The city of Corinth was renowned as one of the most powerful and affluent cities in Greece during Hellenistic and Roman times, and very skillful at commerce. There was the Corinth canal that helped the easiest and safest transportation of the goods of the Corinthian land (raisins, wine,olive oil) till nowadays and is a must stop to admire the abrupt cliffs plunging some 80m down to sea level

Corinthia will become part of your most fantastic memories and excursions.

What to do in Corinthia

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