Achaia has many attractions to show and hosts numerous challenges for the active visitor. The region offers a range of emotions and opportunities for recreation, entertainment, leisure, rest and sight-seeing.

The mild climate of the county, the alternation of landscapes, mountains, seas, lakes, rivers, canyons, caves, waterfalls, natural reserves, forests, etc. provides the visitor with numerous opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty throughout the year.

The capital of this region is Patras. The country’s third largest city is most famously known for its port, its annual carnival – with a history spanning 180 years, vividly colored with pagan, French, Turkish and Venetian influences – and its spectacular 2,880-meter-long Rio-Antirrio bridge. But Achaia has a lot more things to see and to do for any type of visitor.

Photo by: Nolos88

What to do in Achaea

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    Holidays in Achaea

    Are you planning to visit Achaea during your holidays? Communicate with us and tell us about your idea. We will propose you a tailor made plan, based on your interests, wishes and budget.

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