About Us

<Local Moods> is the result of  two persons getting together to re-shape their life and participate in the change of the society. Having as priority the values of  interaction, respect, curiosity, tranquility…

After living abroad for many years and meeting different people and cultures we decided to offer experiences in the region of Peloponnese and to be part of the crucial moments that Greece  and its people live, by promoting and transmiting the traditions and handcrafts of this historic region of Greece.

Untouched landscapes, a rich heritage of endemic plants and herbs, a wide range of traditional arts and crafts and the incomparable quality of local products make us strongly believe that the region of Peloponnese is the perfect destination to experience a more personal way of travelling.

We are happy you found us, don´t hesitate to contact!

Stay curious!

Inga & Tassos